As one of the leaders in the garment industry with over 30 years of experience, 
we have built high quality fashion collections for the sophisticated woman. Our attention to details and 
care in the making of the perfect garment is reflected in every style that we produce.

We design and manufacture women s suits and dresses for all occasions in a wide range of sizes(dress sizes 
between 2 to 24 and jackets from 4 to 30) in a variety of fabrics such as Wool Silk, Brocades, Peach Skin, 
Polyester Crepes, Novelty, just to name a few.

Six brands, Anna Rossi, Moshita Couture, Night Studio, Marsoni, Why, and En French, 
offer an extensive selection of the suits and dresses for various occasions, such as Christmas, Easter, 
Mother s Mother-of-the Bride, weddings, church events, and etc. Through our comprehensive product lines, 
we desire to meet the needs of every woman for the perfect outfit tailored to any event.

Since its creation in 1997, MARSONI has designed gowns for the discriminating and elite women, specializing 
strictly in the Mother of the Bride & Special Occasion Wear. They are constructed with the finest fabrics, 
exquisite embroidery patterns and the most astonishing accessories.
Our attention to the fitting and styling will impress the most demanding customer.

EN FRENCH, launched in Fall of 2008, is designed for women on the go seeking high quality, comfortable, 
and stylish attires at unbeatable prices.

Please feel free to contact one of our friendly customer service representative at   201-691-5005 for a personal 
assistance. Also, we can help you find suits for special groups, such as church choirs, wedding reception groups, 
and other events.